Mingei International Museum. San Diego, USA.
"ISRAEL – 70 Years of Craft & Design" Exhibition. 

"Worn Again" collection, Orange Dress, 2018.
Recycled Textile, Knits.

On View: Apr 21, 2018 - Sep 03, 2018.

Worn Again by Dana Cohen is an award winning sustinable fashion collection that brings an innovative approach to ecological fabric manufacturing.
Cohen developed a procedure in which discarded knits are shredded into monochromatic fibers that are then felted into a recycled textile.
This metamorphosis is illustrated by integrating the new knit with the recycled textile.
Here, the stripes in the torso of the dress are inspired by traditional patterns associated with old, forgotten sweaters.
Worn Again is designed to push the recycling agenda forward and to question the common perception that recycled products are not attractive or valuable.